May 1st 2023

Ever wanted to reverse a vm in obfuscated javascript?

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UIUCTF 2022 - revop (1 solve)

August 1st 2022

revop (1 solve)

Tags: rev, ml

No machine learning required!

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BSidesTLV2022 Writeups

June 30th 2022

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November 16th 2021

So you wanna make a binary do what you want? Click here to learn how.

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PBCTF: Switching it Up

October 17th 2021

Uh yes, I like python, surely reversing it will be no problem - me

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PBCTF: NP - Not Password

October 12th 2021

Not password

Aka C++ rev, aka Pain, aka what?

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ImaginaryCTF Round 12 Writeup

July 22nd 2021

ImaginaryCTF Round 12 Writeups

A short month this time around

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July 16th 2021

How 2 buffer(over)flow

A detailed step for step guide on how to exploit simple buffer overflows and more.

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July 6th 2021

TCTF/0CTF Rev Writeups

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ImaginaryCTF Round 11 Writeup

June 30th 2021

An entire month of challenges, you won't believe what happened on day 24!!?!

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